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M Snabb Services provides top-of-the-line solutions from some of the most reputed brands in the world, we assure our products are enduring and sturdy enough to withstand all kinds of tough weather prevailing in the country. We highly focus on current and future automation technologies by updating our product development strategies from time to time and to support the human race for a better and comfortable life. Products are designed with engineering excellence in such a way to deliver high end technologies to the users. Our R&D team facility system helps to deliver the best of the best products & Services.



Don’t want to mess with your home’s WiFi? Z-Wave is a wireless technology that won’t interfere with your Win; rather, it operates on low power at 908.42 Mhz in the U.S and Canada.



Similar to Z-Wave, Zig Bee is a mesh net work and universal language that lets loT devices communicate.



Thread is another low-power, wireless mesh networking protocol based on an IP address open standard; it lets loT devices connect to each other and the cloud.



Finally, Bluetooth is another mesh tech nology that lets people control and moni tor loT devices and automate systems

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